Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a user guide?

Yes, our documentation is comprehensive, detailed, and easy to understand.

How will I know if Viridem fits into our budget?

Since each project is unique, contact us to quickly assess your needs and determine the budget required to meet them.

Can Viridem perform tasks, such as the “3-way match”?

Yes, no problem!

Does it archive technical drawings?

Yes, Viridem archives all types of documents and indexes them for retrieval.

What types of documents does Viridem archive?

All types of documents: PDF, Excel, Word, drawings, pictures, etc.

Can Viridem mechanize my ISO forms and processes?

Yes, no problem!

Do I have to rename my documents in Viridem?

No, not at all. Viridem detects the various elements of a document through optical character recognition, which converts an “image” (scanned document) into a text document. Viridem can then extract the data for analysis, classifying, and indexing.

Does Viridem offer the dynamic e-form feature?

Yes, absolutely! It is possible to create a form directly in the solution and send it into a workflow that mechanizes the tasks required to complete it.

If Viridem receives an invoice and the invoice amount does not match the purchase order amount, can Viridem automatically return the invoice to my buyer for validation?

Yes, absolutely! All these operations are defined by you in the workflows managing your different types of documents.

Can Viridem lose documents?

No, because when it does not recognize a document, it sends it to a section intended for this purpose, where it must be processed by a human before resuming its path in the workflow.

Is there any training available when purchasing the solution?

Yes, an integrator will be assigned to your project and will be responsible for training your team to become self-sufficient quickly.

Will we need support after implementation?

Yes, it will be included in your maintenance plan.

Does the solution take a long time to implement?

No, not at all. Unlike an ERP system, Viridem is set up in parallel with your operations and does not require a great deal of effort from your employees.

Can I get a demonstration?

Yes! The meeting is free of charge, does not commit you to anything, and allows our team to properly identify your issues, in addition to demonstrating the power of the tool specifically for your business.