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Viridem is a solution for document management and the automation of administrative and operational processes (DMS-EDM) that will fit perfectly into your service offering.

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Viridem is a multidisciplinary team of passionate people dedicated to an innovative solution that revolutionizes the administrative processes of small, medium, and large businesses.

Discover how Viridem can support the growth of your business and that of your clients.

The Benefits

Flexible and easy to use

Flexible and easy to use

Marketing tools

Marketing tools



Accessible technical support

Accessible technical support

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Viridem interface with other systems?

Yes, there are over 20 connectors and Viridem can interface with other systems via its native interfacing features.

Does Viridem have an API?

Yes, there is a full REST/JSON API.

Do you provide training and coaching?

Yes, we have training and marketing materials ready and available. In addition, we support you at first to accelerate the skill development of your sales staff.

How much effort is required to maintain competence?

The completion of at least 6 projects per year will allow you to maintain the required skills, train new employees, and stay up to date with Viridem’s new features.

How much effort is required for skill development?

Our training plan will enable you to build your skills within 5 days, sometimes faster.

Is there a user guide?

Yes, we have very detailed and comprehensive documentation on the use of Viridem.

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