Guide your team towards exciting projects that will propel your company to the top. Viridem takes care of everything else!

Customer service

Challenging customer service?

Stand out from the competition! On the road or at the office, track your orders in real time and respond to your customers at lightning speed.

Purchase orders

Are you overwhelmed with purchase orders?

Viridem extracts information from orders, compares it to that of your financial/ERP system, and automatically enters it into said system.


Too many forms?

Simplify and automate your processes by converting your various paper forms such as quality inspections, certificates, as well as maintenance and standards forms into digital documents.

Product catalogues

Do you have to deal with multiple product catalogues?

Quickly find the information across all your catalogues. Search for a product or a part by number and code or simply by keywords using the full-text search function.

Data sheets

Lost in your data sheets?

Viridem organizes and classifies your data sheets and retrieves them instantly through the use of digital data (code, date, number, etc.) or by using keywords through the content of the texts.


Do you manage projects?

Ask Viridem to provide you with the information dedicated to a specific project. In addition, Viridem classifies documents according to a defined nomenclature, thus avoiding differences in classification among different projects.

Complex production process

Complex production process?

Mechanize and simplify your production processes with workflows. Viridem sends documents to the correct workstation, at the right time, and automatically triggers actions (e.g. purchasing supplies for workstations, etc.) at an appropriate time.

Technical drawing

Do you manage technical drawing approvals?

Make sure you always have the latest version of the plans in hand! Simplify your process by creating an automated workflow, specifically for the approval of your technical drawings.


Streamline the never-ending management of approvals, account payables, account receivables, and month-ends.

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Human Resources

Free your HR department from the time-consuming management of applications, employee files, and OHS claims.

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Less busywork, more business.

Say goodbye to mechanical work and create added value by expressing your team’s ambition and talents.

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