Guide your team towards exciting projects that will propel your company to the top. Viridem takes care of everything else!

Accounts payable

Too many accounts payable?

Viridem processes accounts payable 4x faster than a human, autonomously and error-free.

Purchase orders?

Too many purchase orders?

Viridem extracts information from orders, compares it to that of your financial/ERP system, and automatically enters it into said system.

Data entry

Large amount of data entry?

Viridem automatically enters transactions into your financial system or ERP.

Shortage of staff

Shortage of staff?

Viridem reduces the need for administrative staff, as it handles 50-80% of the administrative tasks.

Time loss

Time loss?

Viridem retrieves your documents on average within 10 seconds, by using digital data or keywords through the content of the documents (full-text search). In addition, archiving and filing are automatic!


Loss of documents?

Documents are secured upon arrival in the system and are always subject to full traceability. In addition, all operations are logged.

Approval processes

Time-consuming approval processes?

By automating 50% of the steps in a typical process on average, Viridem can be applied to most departments in your company to improve efficiency.

Paper handling

Too much paper handling?

Viridem allows you to digitally process your documents, eliminating the need for printing and manual processing, thus reducing your paper consumption by up to 90%.

Compatible Software

Several connectors for different software are currently available for financial systems as well as for common ERP systems. It is also possible to connect to your in-house system, if required.

  • Sage
  • Acomba
  • Avantage
  • SAP Business One
  • Fidelio
  • Genius
  • Prextra
  • Orchestra
  • Maestro
  • Maximum
and several others


Facilitate the management of instruction manuals, procedures, and technical drawings version approvals.

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Human Resources

Free your HR department from the time-consuming management of applications, employee files, and OHS claims.

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