Meet Nathalie

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Meet Nathalie
May 22, 2024
Meet Nathalie

A brand new position is bringing a breath of fresh air to the Viridem team in 2024: Senior
Project Manager, Process Optimization. What the heck is that, you ask? In this article, meet
Nathalie Larocque, your new point of contact, and discover how her role can help you optimize
how you use Viridem.


A key role
Year-end reviews make you realize a lot of things, and Viridem is no exception this year. We’ve
always been all about close ties, so we were humbled to discover an apparent flaw in our post-
implementation follow-up. Specifically, we found that we weren’t as close to our clients as we
would have liked once their digital shift was well underway.

We needed to do better, stay in direct contact, and educate our existing clients about what’s new
and all the possible subsequent phases with Viridem. We needed to create a new role that would
bridge the gap between our team and yours, a position designed to offer you the most powerful
features and boost your ROI.

That’s where Nathalie Larocque came in. She loves a challenge and has been with Viridem for
four years, so we offered her the opportunity to become a senior project manager in process

A human touch
Nathalie is passionate about what she does and doesn’t hesitate to tell us about her connection
with you when asked what she likes best about her job. “Connecting with people and adding a bit
of light-hearted fun, sometimes with silly jokes, is priceless,” she laughs. An educator at heart,
Nathalie has her own way of explaining Viridem’s features with all kinds of analogies that
resonate with her clients, some of whom have waited months for their training with her! Smiling,
Nathalie tells us that one of her clients once invited her for a coffee “just to chat” when she was in
the area.

This human touch and genuine contact with our clients are exactly what Viridem needed to
exceed expectations and maximize our software’s full potential for your business. By regularly
following up with you after our solution has been implemented, we stay connected to your reality
and infinitely better equipped to provide you with personalized service.

Teamwork first
Nathalie most definitely has a soft spot for the teamwork at Viridem. Here, people help each other
when there are problems, and the collaboration is second to none,” she notes. At Viridem we’re
all about caring, and our strengths complement each other perfectly. This naturally had to extend
to our client relations.

What exactly does this new position mean for you? Simply put, our project manager is like a
caring colleague on the other end of the line, listening to your issues, keeping you up to date on
what’s new, and sharing the best tips and tricks for optimizing how you use Viridem!

To take advantage of this new service, contact our support team at