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The management of purchase requests, another great challenge for the Viridem team!

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The management of purchase requests, another great challenge for the Viridem team!
The management of purchase requests, another great challenge for the Viridem team!
September 14, 2022

As we have integrated Viridem with our clients, we have had the opportunity to exploit its versatility for different business uses. While our tool allows many users to save valuable time by automating the tasks related to the processing of payables and other accounts payable documents, some clients bring us interesting challenges that demonstrate that Viridem is a very versatile solution. This was the case in a project to process purchase requests for our client Vaillancourt Portes et Fenêtres. During the first phase with this company, we had deployed our tool in the context of the pandemic and the need to be quickly equipped for telecommuting. You can find this testimonial by clicking on the title below:

Testimonial: A Shift Done in no Time!

Is it possible to manage purchase requests in Viridem?

Is it possible to manage purchase requests in the different departments and to facilitate the work of the procurement staff via Viridem? This is the challenge suggested by our client. If it looks simple, it gets harder when you consider the following parameters: requests from different departments, different approvers at various levels depending on the number of purchases to be made from the suppliers, and separate workflows for known and new suppliers. After an analysis conducted by our integration team, the verdict is in: yes, it is possible! 

Logic, workflow, and an elevator:

Before configuring Viridem to process purchase requests according to the deliverables requested by the client, it was necessary to map the process and highlight the different conditions that will allow the requests to be centralized and directed at the right time and to the right approver level (according to the amount indicated in the purchase request) without going through the lower levels or causing approver redundancies. To give a simple picture, our elevator should go directly up to the right floor, but not back down. The client also wanted to be able to update the settings quickly and easily and be autonomous. After reviewing the issue, it is by combining two automated workflows with variables conditional on other Viridem functionalities, including the creation of forms, that we implemented these processes allowing to standardize work methods at Vaillancourt Portes et Fenêtres. In addition, when employees assigned to the processing of accounts payables receive the supplier’s invoice, quotation, purchase order and receipt, they will be able to quickly trace the transaction in Viridem and the documents will link automatically. The time savings are also reflected in accounting.

The adoption of these new working methods is going smoothly and allows us to foresee even more optimizations that will push the capacity of our tool even further. Our clients are often a useful source of inspiration for innovative ideas for use and allow our teams to get out of their comfort zone.

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