Testimonial: Hello Viridem, Goodbye Paper!

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Testimonial: Hello Viridem, Goodbye Paper!
November 17, 2021
Testimonial: Hello Viridem, Goodbye Paper!

At Loginnove, we help all kinds of organizations with Viridem software. One of our partners, the APCHQ (Association des professionnels de la construction et de l’habitation du Québec), a private non-profit organisation, is proof of this. You don’t have to work in accounting to see the added value of a process automation solution! We discussed this with Dominic Veillette, Director of Management and Compensation in the Occupational Health and Safety Department at APCHQ, who takes advantage of Viridem daily.

Getting over paperwork

The APCHQ’s mission is to promote and develop the professionalism of at least 19,000-member companies grouped in 13 regional associations.

It is therefore understandable that the organization needed a helping hand with the classification of documents to be archived, and particularly for claims related to work accidents, as Dominic explained to us. This is precisely the problem that prompted his team to use the services of Viridem.

Even before the pandemic, he and his colleagues were already thinking about teleworking and opening workspaces. But it was really the APCHQ’s move to new premises that propelled the change.

“Before, we had about 150 drawers of archived file binders, including 60-70 drawers with files being processed. And I already had in mind to go paperless.”

Not only are paper documents not easily accessible by teleworking, but the space available in their new work environment would not allow them to keep all these papers. More than ever, digitization was obvious.

“The software was adapted to our needs and helped us a lot with the file archiving space during the move, and with document management,” he says. “Initially, many were not sold at the idea, but the team at Viridem accompanied us well and helped us establish the technology within the company.”

Dominic adds that in the minds of many people, moving to paperless was impossible. “It’s normal to resist to change. But now everyone sees the benefits!”

Like a library

The APCHQ’s need was simple: “We just wanted to be able to file documents and archive them. The software can do much more but considering the volume of our paperwork that was what we needed!”

It may not seem like much, but it’s all about the volume of documents. According to Dominic, the productivity gain is indisputable. “For example, I had thousands of standard letters to file. I put them in PDF format in Viridem and everything was processed by the software thanks to the automatic detection of documents. And there you go! The files are in the proper digital file!”

Indeed, everything is standardized according to the pre-established templates, no need to do a clean-up of the file and check that everything is setup correctly. Employees really like the decompartmentalization that this change allows. Workstations no longer exist; you can work from anywhere in the world.

“Since September 2020, we are completely paperless! To quote a colleague, Viridem is like a collective library in which anyone can find any document according to our archiving data. In three words, it’s simple, easy and effective.” So much so, that Dominic is working hard to implement Viridem in other departments. “You have to go for the argument of increasing productivity.”

Paperless one day, paperless always!

When Dominic was asked if he would have trouble doing without the software today, he admits that he could not go back in time with paper. His first project would be to digitize all the files. He says he is fully satisfied with the APCHQ’s choice and Viridem’s response to their needs.

“I can’t stop myself talking about Viridem! I should be paid on a commission basis,” he laughs. “Does Viridem make t-shirts? I would buy some!”