Viridem From a Regular User’s Perspective

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Viridem From a Regular User’s Perspective
October 25, 2021
Viridem From a Regular User’s Perspective

Advanced electronic document management (EDM) offers its share of advantages for anyone who wants to optimize the work processes in their company. But concretely, what does this mean? What tasks does Viridem perform so well to increase the efficiency of an entire manufacturing system?

Rachel Martel has been an administration and human resources coordinator at Loginnove for three years now. We thought she would be in the best position to explain how Viridem simplifies her daily life.

So, we asked her.

The number 1 in accounting management

Rachel admits it from the outset, Viridem is particularly useful in accounting. Accounts payable or receivable, billing tracking, approval of invoices and purchase orders, and filing of invoices: you can count on the software to put your company’s finances in order.

“I use it every day. Viridem is always on, and I couldn’t do without it for accounting!” she says.

“You should know that Viridem is configured from the beginning according to the use you want to make of it,” she explains. At Loginnove, suppliers can send their invoices directly to Viridem via an email address linked to the software. Viridem has already detected and retrieved fields containing key information such as the date, total amount, supplier name and invoice number when the latter is deposited in Rachel’s work basket. A quick glance is enough before sending them for approval. The process is carried out from A to Z with a minimum of human intervention.

As the system already contains the information of each supplier, invoices are automatically filed in the correct file and in the associated accounting ledger. “Normally, we always ask ourselves a few questions… The information must be validated again. But not with Viridem.” No, because with Viridem, everything is always up to date, in the right place, without lifting a finger.

“Without the software, someone would have to do all these checks in a very mechanical way, while a robot can do it. It reduces the workload and during that time, humans can do much more interesting and productive things! Rachel says.

And no worries about the privacy side. When configuring the software, for each type of document, you must choose the person or people who will have access to it. Ultra-secure username and password are required for every user.

No more endless research

“And for sure in terms of research in general, it’s super convenient. All you have to do is to write keywords in Viridem’s search tool, and you can easily find what you’re looking for. It’s a lot easier than having to dig through a filing cabinet!”

Because at Loginnove, every important document is scanned and then shredded. As long as the words on the paper are readable and typed on the computer, the platform will be able to read them thanks to the OCR, Viridem character recognition tool, or Optical Character Recognition.

“We can almost say we’re a paperless office. In any case, there are not many binders here!” Indeed, no need for paper files when Viridem allows you to develop your custom databases. For example, a human resources database will contain employee records, confidentiality agreements, RRSP, and group insurance membership documents. Thus, everything related to your staff is kept confidential by Viridem, but the same can be done with any type of information.

The analytical connector: a connected tool

“The analytical connector is actually an Excel file that is automatically updated with all the data in Viridem,” Rachel explains. Each time a field has been identified as metadata, the information in it is extracted and filed in the file. We can then use it to analyze them as we see fit, by transferring them to accounting software or creating charts, for example.

Rachel insists on the versatility allowed by the analytical connector: “If the software does not do something, we are able to do it externally with data extraction. There are no limits to the analysis.”

Delegate to relax

Viridem offers another tool particularly appreciated by Rachel: the delegation function.

“If I go on vacation, I just have to do a little setup in Viridem and everything related to my files will be delegated to the designated person during the chosen period of time,” says Rachel. “And when I come back, my files are automatically reassigned to me.”

In addition, the history of documents processed under the delegation function is preserved. So, if we ever wonder if we paid an invoice during our absence, a simple search by the customer number or keywords allows us to know what happened. No need to search through chains of emails to finally not find what we are looking for because we were absent!

In short, the idea behind such software and its distinct functions is to centralize everything in one place to make life simpler for managers as well as employees. As Rachel explains, “Each department uses Viridem, depending on its needs. We only have to imagine how our life at work could be simplified, and Viridem can most likely take care of it!”