What Exactly is Advanced EDM?

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What Exactly is Advanced EDM?
April 9, 2021
What Exactly is Advanced EDM?

You have already probably heard of Electronic Document Management, commonly known as EDM. But does advance EDM mean anything to you?

Increasingly present in companies in Quebec and around the world, advanced EDM has many advantages, especially with the labour shortage and the current teleworking context that we are experiencing.

In this article, we explain what advanced EDM is and how it can help companies take document management to the next level.

Let’s go back to basics: what is EDM?

Electronic Document Management (EDM) includes all the techniques and practices necessary for the organization and sharing of electronic documents within a company.

In practical terms, this means that you can add, file, and keep various documents in electronic format rather than paper format. Electronic storage is much more efficient than paper storage, both in terms of the physical space required and in terms of the ability to create backup copies.

You can do EDM using a computer server or basic EDM software. However, in both cases, human intervention is required. For example, archiving documents to a server requires several steps that are not error-free. The human must rename the document, sort it in the right directory, and hope that no one moves it or deletes it by mistake.

With a server, the method remains very manual and complex, the search is long and arduous. In short, there is little time saving. In a basic EDM solution, there are some features that allow you to speed up the search and classification, but nothing more.

Expert tip: If you are reading this article, it is probably because you are experiencing issues in document management. So, here’s how advanced EDM can bring you to do even more.

Advanced EDM to go further

Advanced EDM software like Viridem goes far beyond the archiving and search functions of EDM. It not only reduces document filing and search time, but it also aims to automating your work processes by giving you new options such as:

  • automatic assembly and document filing
  • monitoring operations with customizable workflows
  • paperless and structured approval of documents
  • automatic data validation (for example, ensuring that the invoice amount matches the purchase order amount)
  • automated data entry into financial or ERP systems

Not widely used until now, advanced EDM is currently emerging in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Why? Because with everything that is happening in the news, combined with the staff shortage, companies must find solutions and alternatives to their challenges.

Advanced EDM provides simple and fast solutions such as the implementation of automated processes for the approval of documents. In short, remember that your resources will be able to do more, with less effort and more efficiency.

For example, you may decide to implement an automated process for approving invoices from your suppliers. Upon receipt of the invoice, Viridem will pick up the purchase order and validate the amounts. If the amounts match, Viridem will send the data directly into the ERP or financial system. If the amounts do not match, Viridem will then take care of forwarding the invoice to the approver of the purchase made to the supplier. Viridem will even notify the person in charge if they forget to approve the invoice.


With all its advantages, Viridem advanced EDM software is accessible to small, medium, and large companies. One of its strengths that distinguishes it from other EDM software is an intelligent solution that is easy to use and very flexible, adapted to whatever the size and needs of your organization. So much so that the ROI with Viridem is usually achieved in the first year.

See it to believe it! Book your free demo without obligation on your part. During this exploratory meeting, we will evaluate together the automation potential of your processes.