Improving Teamwork: A Child’s Play for Viridem!

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Improving Teamwork: A Child’s Play for Viridem!
January 25, 2021
Improving Teamwork: A Child’s Play for Viridem!

Teamwork, especially remotely, brings about new challenges. Everyone works at their own pace - while parents juggle work and family, others may be more productive early in the morning or at the end of the day... In short, team members are not always connected at the same time.

But fortunately, there are tools to improve internal communication and simplify teamwork. The objective: to increase the company's overall efficiency without making it difficult to implement. And on that note, we can tell you that Viridem meets all your expectations and even more!  Find out why.

Your Documents Available Anytime, Anywhere

More than a management tool, Viridem is a valuable virtual teammate that accompanies you everywhere. At the office or via telework, all you need to do is log in and access all your files - no matter what time it is.

Looking for a new version of a plan or a technical drawing updated by a colleague? All you need to do is launch a search using a keyword. Viridem finds what you need in a few seconds; just think about it!

And in addition to saving you time - a lot of time - Viridem eliminates the risk of losing documents. As soon as it is scanned or entered, each document is automatically analyzed by Viridem, which extracts, validates, and classifies its data. Also, all daily operations are recorded. This allows team members to move at their own pace without slowing the group's overall speed.

The Correct Documents Sent to the Right People

With telework, family-related leave and vacations, getting approval or filling out a form remotely can become a headache. Once again, Viridem facilitates teamwork and internal document transmission through its workflows.

In fact, you can automate an average of 50% of the steps in a typical process for each department in your business. For example, the approval of employee expense reports can be automated, as well as the management of forms to be filled out when hiring a new employee.

Viridem takes care of managing the entire process by submitting the documents for approval to those concerned. No more back-and-forth emails, follow-up notes scribbled on the corner of a table, and extensive reminders - Viridem does it automatically and without risk of error.

It also connects to various financial systems such as Sage, Acomba, and Dynamics as well as several ERPs such as Genius, SAP Business One, D365, Fidelio, and Prextra, to name a few. Do you see how much time and energy you could save without even changing your financial system or ERP?

Simplified and Efficient Project Management

As the cornerstone of teamwork, project management is becoming increasingly complex during the pandemic. The benchmarks we had at the office are not necessarily the same with the implementation of telework and other health measures. But one thing remains the same: Viridem is always there for you.

In the morning, with your coffee or between virtual meetings, ask Viridem to retrieve project-specific information. Nothing could be simpler, given that advanced EDM allows documents to be filed automatically according to a more straightforward and accurate nomenclature than manual filing. You will then know who has worked on what, the current status of the project, and whether everything is progressing according to your initial schedule.

As a result, your team communications will become much less burdensome and time-consuming since everyone will have access to project information in real time. A relief for many, considering that we spend more than a quarter of our workweek reading, replying, and sending emails (according to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute). Phew!


When you think about it, Viridem's advanced EDM system helps teams like yours increase their performance while staying in touch despite the distance. An effective, organized, and motivated team can achieve great success, provided they have the tools to do so. And Viridem offers just that added value that will help transform your great team into an outstanding team!

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