The values behind the solution

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The values behind the solution
January 15, 2024
The values behind the solution

From accounting and operations management to human resources support, people love Viridem
for the added value it generates in everyday tasks. But in this article, we peek behind the curtain
to see how our core values of curiosity, trust, and putting people first have made our solution
such a success.

Curious about our environment

At Viridem, it’s simple: we don’t just mind our own business! We think it’s really important to
cultivate strong business curiosity and keep up with the latest tech innovations. “By taking an
interest in how things are changing and evolving in the field, we’re able to pinpoint the little things
that allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations,” says our president, Dominique. For him,
there’s no better way to orchestrate those “aha” moments that enable us to improve our software
than to go out in the field and talk to other experts. “Here, we don’t just give up if we don’t have an answer,” our executive director Daniel adds, “and that thirst for knowledge is what allows
Viridem to grow so much year after year.”

Our talent at the forefront

We say that Viridem works behind the scenes so your employees can shine, but we also do the
same for our in-house talent! From flexible hours to an onsite spa and video game room, we do
everything we can to create an engaging work environment. “We trust our people completely, so
we treat them to the best there is to keep our teams solid and motivated,” explains Dominique. “In
2021, we even made a dream come true by taking the whole gang to Mexico for a team-building

While some companies recommend a set number of hours per week or impose specific work
methods, we think giving people freedom in what they do is the key to our success. “The trust I
was given from day one really helped me feel at home in my role and ready to take initiative,”
says Thierry, newly appointed as sales director. “Well OK, I have to admit the foosball table and
array of social club activities also helped win me over, LOL!”

Giving back to our community

Our offices are strategically located near downtown Victoriaville, so we are always plugged in to
our community and its issues. “Both in my personal life and as a business manager, I’ve always
found it important to give back to ‘pay it forward,’” says Dominique, a long-time member of Club
Richelieu de Victoriaville. Sharing this same desire to make a difference in our community, the
Viridem team has also been supporting Fondation Les Amis d’Elliot for years in its efforts to help
sick children.

“At the end of the day, beyond the solution, it’s our values that influence who we are as a
company,” says Daniel. “And right now, we couldn’t be prouder!”